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Simple, instant search for Drupal and Wordpress

Modern, mobile-friendly web design simplifies navigation but makes it harder to locate specific content. By adding Haystack to your site, your search bar becomes a super-charged, auto-completing web utility that helps people quickly find what they’re looking for.

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Get started with Haystack in 3 quick steps

Create Account

Set up a new account on Haystack. You will not be billed until your free trial has ended so there is no need to add a credit card to get started.

Once you have set up an account you will see an authorization key that will be needed in step 2.

Install Module

Install our module on your Drupal or Wordpress website.

Drupal Module Page
Wordpress Plugin Page

Once installed, it will prompt you to paste in your authorization key.


Once your key is installed. You can configure haystack with the post types or content types that you want haystack to add to it's superfast index. You can also add the id of your search bar if you want it to pop up on click.

That's it! Your content will index automatically and you will be able to start searching right away.

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Pricing guide

Costing less than competing Solr or Elastic Search hosting, and drop-dead simple configuration, Haystack is the simplest way to add state of the art search to your Wordpress or Drupal website.

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    Haystack Free

    Index up to 50 pages
    Optimised Search Server
    Wordpress Module
    Drupal Module
    No Credit Card Required

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    Custom Haystack

    Love the product but need a private server or have a specialized dataset you need Haystack for?

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Our solution

We believe that the fastest way to find what you are looking for on a website is by typing in a search box, and by optimizing the feedback loop around typing, we can get your visitors to the content they are looking for as quickly as possible.

Our solution involves a mixture of modern user experience and indexing server technologies.

Data Indexing

We take the human readable information from your website, breaking it up and categorizing it in a variety of ways, and then send it to our search server for indexing. To return the best results possible, Haystack support opengraph, the modern web standard for describing web pages (used by Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest).

To keep the data fresh, we watch your content using our Drupal and Wordpress modules, sending off updates to haystack as soon as your website is updated. User selections and other analytics are also batched up and sent off to our servers every 5 minutes, improving the search results over time.

User Experience

When a user clicks in a search field, they are interested in doing one thing, searching your content. At this moment, we present them with a full page, distraction-free interface, so they can type and get instant results. On mobile, we compress our interface down so it’s perfectly usable with the virtual keyboard showing, and the user can easily scroll through results or keep typing until they find what they are looking for.

With a physical keyboard, the user can use the arrow keys to choose the correct content, as well as launching the search with a secret key command (TAB+F), which allows for an extremely fast keyboard-only navigation experience around your content.

How we compare to traditional searches

Most search engines (yes, even Google) are concerned with giving the user too many options for sorting, filtering, facets and autocomplete. Haystack removes all the clutter and give you just enough information to find what you want.

Haystack is based on three insights: People can type fast, they don't mind scrolling, and they want results instantly.



Installation and configuration can be done in 5 min.


Our search index is optimized for “as you type” searches


Built from scratch and optimized for all screen sizes and bandwidths


Uses less data than traditional search, most communication is between the browser and our server rather than yours


We have seperate servers dedicated to ingesting and processing data, crawling documents and search indexing


Analytics and weekly reporting available*

Machine Learning

Your users will improve the search results over time

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